Is it Leadership or Management?

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Check the 'Mgt' button if you think the statement is more about Management or the 'Lead' button if you think it is more about Leadership. Not certain? Check the 'D/Kn' (Don't know) box.
  Mgt Lead D/kn
Appeals more to reason than to emotion
Appeals to 'official' approach
Appeals to both emotion and reason
Appeals to common cause
Applies incentive
Asks 'How, When?'
Asks 'What, Why?'
Contains risk (ie: 'keeps it under control')
Does the right thing
  Mgt Lead D/kn
Does things right
Emphasises core values, shared good and philosophy
Emphasises structure, tactics and systems
Engages people and aligns them to the new direction
Exercises positional authority
First things first
Focuses on effectiveness
Focuses on the future, the long term and the horizon
Focuses on the present, the short term and the bottom line
  Mgt Lead D/kn
Optimises within narrower constraints
Relies on trust
Relishes change
Seeks order
Sets vision & direction
Skirts rules and policies, or has them changed
Step by step
Structures the team and organises it
Takes risks
  Mgt Lead D/kn
Targets efficiency
Uses control
Uses personal Influence
With the end in mind

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